Get Over It

Wah!  That’s all I’ve heard the past several days over the talk radio airwaves.  Wah!

Wah!  Opening Day isn’t Opening Day, it is Opening Night!  Wah!

Wah!  Opening Day is on Easter!  Wah!


If you don’t like it!  Don’t go!  Don’t watch!  But seriously, quit your belly aching.

Without too much of a controversy during spring training, this has been the complaint du jour for the week.  Let’s get a few things straight, though.

First, Opening Day is Opening Day.  For those that don’t know, a day is a 24 hour period that begins at 12:00 am and ends 11:59pm.  The day is typically broken down into three segments: morning, afternoon, and evening.  Thus, on Sunday it is Opening Day with the game being played in the evening.  Hope you have this straight now.

Now, on to Easter.  I don’t understand this complaint.  At my house, the Easter Bunny is long gone by the time noon arrives.  Not to mention, the Easter baskets have long been raided and ravaged.  Thus the evening is the perfect time to sit back and let all that chocolate and jelly beans digest and to enjoy the FIRST REAL BASEBALL GAME OF THE SEASON!  Maybe if your lucky enough to be attending Opening Day, you may get some Red Sox jelly beans!  That would be sweet!

Plus, I heard they’re giving Wally the evening off, and this guy will be filling in as mascot for the game:


Go Red Sox!!!!


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