Byrd is the Wyrd

…or “word” for those that don’t get. Yeah, so it’s my own take on rhyming and writing.

It was
actually ironic that in his first start of the 2009 season, Paul Byrd
was facing the Toronto Blue Jays. In a span of three consecutive starts
(1 with Cleveland, 2 with Boston after we was traded in a waiver wire
deal) in August of 2008 he faced those Blue Jays. 5 of his last 10
starts of 2008 were against the Blue Jays as well. He was 2-2 with 1
no-decision in those 5 starts. So what were the expectations today? 5
innings? 3 runs? Keep the game close against Blue Jay ace Roy Halliday?
I think all of those would have been more than what the Red Sox would
have like to get out of Byrd. What did they get?

How about 6
shutout innings. 3 hits allowed to go along with 3 walks. I don’t even
think a performance like that entered anyone’s mind, not even Byrd’s.
What a follow up to Clay Buchholz’s splendid start the night before.  It was a great lift for the Red Sox tattered starting rotation, and
hopefully this is something Byrd can build off for the rest of the

However, Byrd was not the only who made a big impression in their 2009 Red Sox debut. This guy was outstanding as well:

(well, it was almost a week ago now) acquired reliever Billy Wagner
final appeared in his first game as a Red Sox. He showed how nasty of
lefty he can be. He struck out the side, around a double in while
pitching the 8th inning. 11 of his 16 pitches were for strikes. Not
more you could have expected from him either. He will be a great weapon
to have in that bullpen down the stretch and during the playoffs (being
optimistic the Sox will end up winning the wild card) as well.

was a great way to end the homestand with a sweep of the flailing
Toronto Blue Jays. The Sox now head on a 7 game road trip to their
house of horrors in Tampa Bay and then the Windy City. This will be an
opportunity to knock the Rays right out of the wild card race, as well
as put the final nail in the White Sox playoff coffin that the Yankees
started closing up this weekend.

Go Sox!



  1. TribeTed


    We loved Paul the “Byrd man” Byrd while in CLE.

    especially when he did the: double pump.

    It faked all of us out!

    If he hasn’t done it yet in Boston:

    Watch for it – it is hilarious!

    We love Paul and I am sure you do too.

    he goes out and pounds the strike zone:

    and isn’t afraid of any hitter.

    Now that is a quality pitcher! Good luck to the Sox:

    and good luck to Pauly boy!

    Happy September!


  2. Greg

    Julia, it’s looking good in TB.

    Jeff, I agree on both counts. Apparently Kenny Williams agrees too.

    Ted, I’ve seen that double clutch thing Byrd does. Reminds me of some slo-pitch softball pitchers.

    Jane, not as well as the Yanks have been going lately. Let’s just hope the Yanks are peaking too soon, while the Sox are peaking at the right time. 😉

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