Chip In

It is that time of year again, when the wonderful people associated with baseball, make a difference in trying to exterminate the terrible disease of cancer.  If you are willing, please take the time and contribute anything, from a quarter to whatever you can.

radio-telethon-logo-2.gifMost of us have been affected by this terrible disease, either directly or indirectly.  The stories that these cancer patients, survivors, and family members are heartwarming / heartbreaking all at the same time, but immensely amazing.  If you can’t contribute, please take the time to listen.  We all can make a difference, and even a little bit of a difference matters.

Me?  I am not associated with WEEI/NESN/Red Sox other than being a fan.  However, I have tried to contribute in some way in each of the 7 previous telethons.  Sometimes, it was just buying a T-shirt.  Other times it was donating my tips from working the games during the days of the telethon.  Other times it was saying a prayer for the patients, families, and doctors who have to go through this fight.  My mother has overcome colon cancer, but that is not the only motivation.  Hearing the children speak, the parents speak, or the doctors speak about this call me to action.  Eventhough it leaves a tear in your eye, or a heavy heart.  A difference is really bing made.  I mean just check this out:

Amazingly, a couple of years later he came back and sang the anthem again.  This time, after his rendition, he dropped the mic and took an impromptu (he was egged on earlier in the day talking on the radio, so maybe it ended up being planned, but I am not sure) run around the bases.  What a moment that was, and I’m not sure there was a dry eye in the ball park.

Thank you for letting me plug this and GO JIMMY FUND!



  1. juliasrants

    Thank you Greg for making sure that everyone is aware of the tel-a-thon! Last night on twitter we all did the best we could to keep the Jimmy Fund trending and to help raise funds. None of get through life without knowing someone effected by this terrible disease. We all need to help find the cure!! Great reminder!!!


  2. Greg

    Oh good idea to twitter it.

    I was at the game tonight, and there was a guy up in the grandstands twittering on a lap top. That’s the first I’ve seen that at Fenway, I’m not even sure how he got hooked up to the internet.

  3. Jane Heller

    I Tweeted when I was at Yankee Stadium in June. I guess the ballparks have wireless now? Anyhow, to the topic of your post, thanks for talking up such an important cause. We should all fight the fight however we can. I volunteer at my local hospital every Monday and spend time with cancer patients. But each person has his/her own way. The main thing is to help out!

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